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Beyond Addiction Presents Anger Management

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Linda Hamilton CAMS-CSAC

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"Anger Management Program Individual Sessions and Group Sessions"

"Group begins Aug. 27th.2:30 pm till 3:30 pm Call 828-231-2478 to register."

Resolve Your Anger Today!"

We cannot overcome that which we do not understand. Anger is a normal feeling that serves as a red flag to an individual that their boundaries are in conflict, they are being wronged in some way, and their needs are not being met. Anger becomes a symptom and problematic when it is used as a defense mechanism to address issues masking more vulnerable feelings that need tending. This is the anger we address in the anger work. The anger work assists clients in understanding what is driving their anger, identify the pain and hurt underneath the anger, and how this perpetuates the reactive and dissatisfying pattern of relating with their partner and others. The anger work also helps us reach forgiveness so we can leave the position or victimization. We learn to give up rationalization, justification, just two of the many barriers to the freedom of anger.

About the Program:

The Anger Management Program addresses anger in the context of your life and relationships (additional psychotherapy work might be required depending on the nature of what is driving your anger). In this program you will learn all about your anger and how to address it so it no longer wrecks havoc in your life!!

You will learn how to resolve your "anger" by learning where it comes from, how it gets triggered, its function and by addressing its underlying cause. This process will assist you address your masked vulnerable feelings, change how you relate to others, and get your needs met. You will finally be able to be yourself and invite acknowledgement, acceptance, nurturing and intimacy into your life and relationships. We assist you in stopping hostile and aggressive behavior, recurring arguments and fights, relating of attack and defend. You will learn how to take control of yourself and your life, and experience warm and loving relationships again.

Program Outline (Certificate of Completion provided):

Introductory Session: Why you are coming here and what do you want to achieve.

SESSION 1: Assessing Your Anger and Where Your Anger Comes From

SESSION 2: What Drives Your Anger and How it Gets Fueled

SESSION 3: What is Underneath Your Anger

SESSION 4: Why You are Getting Stuck and Getting Unstuck

SESSION 5: Getting Your Needs Met

SESSION 6: Taking Responsibility for Yourself

SESSION 7: Changing Your Choices

SESSION 8: Positive Coping and Self-Management

SESSION 9: Self-Care and Developing an Anger Management Plan

SESSION 10:Your Future Journey

SESSION 11: Anger and the Family

Final Session 12, Certificate of Completion of the 12 sessions.

Learn to use the Matrix daily to go in the direction of your values.

Register Today and Get Your Life Back

To Register Call:828-225-2535

Individual sessions are 50.00 per session


Start Date & Sessions Information:

You have scheduling conflicts? No problem! We are willing to work with your schedule.

Should you be required to have an assessment, there will be a 45 minute Assessment Intake Session scheduled at your convenience prior to your beginning the classes. You will be contacted upon receipt of your registration to schedule the session.



70 Woodfin Place Suite 326 D Asheville, NC 28801



Individual sessions are 50.00 per session

Group sessions are 35.00 per session

All sessions must be paid for completion

** *If an assessment is required, the fee is 50.00 to be paid at appointment.

Cell: 828-231-2478

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